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AONN+ 2020 Midyear Virtual Conference

THURS03 - Empower Your Female Patients: Navigating GYN Malignancies

Standard: $15.00


This session will define the various diagnoses classified as gynecologic malignancies and address the discreet nuances of each disease as well as recognition and management of specific side effects associated with individual syndromes. Conventional, targeted, and various radiation therapies and modalities will be reviewed as well as a discussion assisting patients in the selection of integrative approaches to care.

Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the significance of the various diseases that encompass the scope of gynecologic malignancies
  • Define the role of clinical and patient navigators through the cancer care continuum for the gynecologic oncology patient and caregivers
  • State the management, guidance, and care of various side effects associated with gynecologic malignancies and their therapies as well as gain understanding of various integrative modalities used in gynecologic oncology


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Rachael Baranoski
5/14/20 8:19 am

Thank you Dr. Taunk & Penny, for enlightening us on GYN Radiation!

Patricia Silver
5/14/20 11:24 am

excellent presentation by both. I appreciated tools offered by Penny

Sharon Gentry
5/14/20 1:21 pm

Great job on treatment advances Dr Taunk and Penny supporting with the navigator role and perspective. This is a valuable session for women health navigators as well as an overall review for general patient navigators.

Danelle Johnston
5/14/20 1:34 pm

Excellent session! Thank you Dr. Taunk and Penny.

Lorri Dinkins
5/14/20 2:35 pm

I believe this is where my local navigation program needs to go to next. Thank you for a great introduction on the subject.

Denise Yoshihara
5/15/20 7:33 pm

Thank you Dr. Taunk and Penny for an excellent presentation. This presentation provided me, a social worker with helpful information and tools, for supporting and navigating our patients. I would love to connect with your social workers and will be in contact with you for their names and contact information.

Cindy Betts
5/17/20 9:58 pm

Thank you Dr. Taunk for this informative presentation regarding radiating a GYN pt. Thanks to Penny for the navigation tools, as well!